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About Harriet's Cheesecakes Unlimited

Founded in 1983 Harriet’s Cheesecakes Unlimited is an iconic cake shop located in the heart of Inglewood, CA. Our Handcrafted gourmet cheesecakes use the finest ingredients and attract loyal customers from all over the world.


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Discover our delicious range of over 60 handcrafted gourmet cheesecakes.

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Harriet & her family look forward to welcoming you to Inglewood’s slice of heaven.

Harriet's Story

Born in Morristown, New Jersey Ms. Harriet’s introduction to cheesecakes came about after her sister who was studying in New York sent a newspaper clipping with a recipe for a French Vanilla cheesecake, that she challenged Harriet to make on her next visit home to California.

With no real baking skills or equipment, she recreated the recipe by hand. The rest as some say is history!

In 1983 Harriet’s Cheesecakes Unlimited was founded and made its home in Inglewood, California. With a young family to provide for and a lot to prove as a black businesswoman specializing in cheesecakes, to appeal to the predominantly black neighborhood she resided in, the now-infamous Sweet Potato Cheesecake was born.

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  •   I found this place randomly by searching local businesses in my neighborhood. I wasn't looking for a dessert shop but I'm soo glad I found Harriet's! The other reviews really... Read More

    thumb Amy A.

      I have been meaning to make my way to Harriets for months now. FINALLY did it. If you love cheesecake, especially the thick, rich, and creamy version of cheesecake, Harriet's... Read More

    thumb Sara R.

      This review is for key lime cheesecake! Its just regular cheesecake with more regular cheesecake filling mixed with bright green food coloring and artificial lime flavor. The white plain cheesecake... Read More

    thumb Karen K.
  •   We ordered two cheesecakes from Harriets for my cousin's birthday and we lovvvved them. We got the praline cheesecake and the French vanilla cheesecake. I'm a pretty big sweets person... Read More

    thumb Raquel A.

      Two stars only for the sake of being a black-owned business and making it through a pandemic. However, it is time to upgrade with newer technology, better customer service, and... Read More

    thumb Rachel H.

      I was asked to wait outside while another customer was being helped. I understood and gladly complied. I stood outside the door for 15 minutes but could see into the... Read More

    thumb Naomi N.
  •   The praline cheesecake is a must try!!! I can't believe I've been driving past this place for years and never noticed it. The only draw back is that it's cash... Read More

    thumb Raven P.

      I just had a bite of the Bailey's Irish Cream cheesecake
    It is very very good. I am so mad I only purchased one slice.
    The staff is very friendly and they... Read More

    thumb Veve P.

      This is too good to be true. Picking up some bomb bbq next door and was tipped off about this spot in the same mini mall strip. The caramel and... Read More

    thumb Bobby C.